Soft Water Purifier Series

Soft Water Purifier Series
Price: 3.800,004.350,00
  • Mineral water is obtained.
  • Alkaline Filter 7.5-9.5 pH
  • It takes up a minimum of space under the kitchen counter.
  • Green Technology & No Electricity Required.
  • 280 Lt Water Production per day.
  • 12 Liter Steel Water Tank.

The soft water purifier comes with a 12 liter steel osmosis storage water tank and chrome faucet.

We provide transportation with free service and free shipping in 81 provinces of Turkey. Royal Green water treatment systems, which serve with 100% customer satisfaction, are filled with thousands of organic customer satisfaction comments.

Royal Green Soft Water Purifier Certificates

All parts used in the soft water purification device is a water purification device created using the best parts of distinguished world brands certified by WQA. Our device, which consists of 6 filters in total, consists of two versions with pump and without pump.Vip model with pump is recommended for provinces with low network water pressure.It is suitable to use a soft model for houses with booster and high mains water. When adding the product to the basket, our website system will show you options as soft and vip models.

Royal Green Soft Purifier Quality

Royal Green SOFT model 6 filtered water purification device, a first Green Technology in Turkey has been used. All parts, not a part, are Water Quality approved. Free shipping and assembly throughout Turkey. The organic raw material plastic number used is PP5. Soft model, which is an organic water purification device, provides 7,5-9,5 alkaline water production, thanks to the FDA-approved natural mineral stones, it adds the most unique minerals to the water naturally and provides quality water production.

Royal Green Soft Water Purifier Benefits

  • The water is clean. Both disease-causing micro-organisms, chemicals, heavy metals, etc. is not the case.
  • Water rich in oxygen
  • The water is rich in minerals. There are 84 minerals in our body.
  • The water has a hexagonal structure.
  • Small cluster structure of the water.
  • Ensures proper pH level in body structure high antioxidant (ORP value)

Alkaline Water – What is Acidic Water?

ROYALGREEN soft water purification device makes the 6 items listed above for the first time in Turkey, and its properties help to determine the vitality of a water. When looking at the healing waters, it has been seen that they contain the above-mentioned properties. It has been recorded that societies that consume these waters live a long and healthy life. It has been observed that these communities who live long and healthy can have babies in advanced ages and live until the age of 120 years away from cancer and all other adult diseases.

What is alkaline water; hydrogen ions (H +) is water with less than hydroxyl ions (OH-). In other words, water with less hydrogen and more oxygen becomes alkaline water. PH level of alkaline water is above 7. Royal Green water purification devices have a pH level of 7.5-9.5pH.

What is acidic water; Hydrogen ions (H +) is water with more than Hydroxyl ions (OH-). In other words, water with more hydrogen and less oxygen is acidic water. Acidic water PH level is below 7.

Soft water purification 75 GPD Pentek Pentair Membrane Filter Used pumpless reverse osmosis water purification device. It contains a total of 6 stages of Mineral, Alkaline and Detox (Bioseremic, Infirared) filters. It provides water with high mineral content and pH level of 7.5-9.5. It does not require electricity. Royal Green soft model water purifier is the world’s only water purification device containing 6 filters, thanks to reverse osmosis technology, it enables you to obtain the most valuable and healthy water possible. Soft water purification Biocera alkaline filter enriches the water in terms of minerals thanks to the 9 types of minerals it contains, while providing alkaline water at the pH level of 7.5-9.5. While the Detox (Bioseremic, Infirared) filter arranges the dispersed water molecules in a row, it facilitates the circulation of water in the body.

Soft Water Treatment Facilities

– Dieters: It does not cause bloating, it is the most comfortable and drinkable antioxidant water for dieters.

– Meals and Drinks: It preserves the natural taste, smell and color of the meals and beverages made with water such as tea and coffee. It saves energy by making it cook in a short time.

– Babies and Pregnant Women: The safest and healthiest water Soft water purifier especially for babies, children and pregnant women. Thanks to its rich mineral, you get the most delicious water.

-Low Salt Amount: It is ideal for blood pressure and heart patients with its low salt content. It is beneficial for those who have kidney sand and stones as it is soft.

Soft water treatment Natural minerals were used in all filters and no artificial substances or sweeteners were used. Thanks to its alkaline filter, it increases the pH level of the water to 7.5-9.5 pH and makes you feel the privilege of drinking high pH water.

Features of BIOCERA Antioxidant Alkaline Filter

  • It removes acidic wastes and toxins from the body at the cellular level.
  • It improves your health and increases the body’s metabolism by providing the body with essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.
  • Small water clusters hydrates the body 3 times thanks to the hexagon (54 Hz)
  • It efficiently facilitates the absorption of nutrients and minerals.
  • It relaxes the body by balancing.
  • It prevents diabetes, cancer, hypertension and various other diseases by eliminating harmful active oxygen (free radicals).
  • It improves the taste of water.
  • Increases pH and lowers ORP (Ref.ORP = Oxygen Reduction Potential)

6.KX Matrikx Antibacterial Nano Silver ACT Tat Filter

KX Matrikx Antibacterial Nano Silver ACT (Ag-Cu-Ti) CTO Taste Filter removes Heavy Metals and chlorine from water in soft water purification device such as Lead (Pb), Chromium (Cr), Cadmium (Cd)… etc. It gives flavor to the purified water and makes it easier to drink water.

Is it a must to pay attention to the pH value?

When we make the body alkaline, it works more accurately and can use nutrients better. Stress, excessive exercise, infections and diseases cause an acidic environment in the body. All metabolic processes in the body depend on a balanced pH. Water with low pH causes calcium and sodium excretion from the body. “soft water purification” The body constantly tries to keep the pH of the blood in the range of 7.35-7.45. Just like trying to keep body temperature at 36.5 – 37 degrees. A healthy body should not be acidic. It should remain at the correct ph level. Every process in the body works properly by keeping the blood pH at a certain level. When the correct pH level is not maintained, it becomes difficult for the cells to take the necessary nutrients and convert them into energy.

Motorized Non-Motorized Water Purification Device Preference


Price: 3.800,004.350,00
  • Mineral water is obtained.
  • Alkaline Filter 7.5-9.5 pH
  • It takes up a minimum of space under the kitchen counter.
  • Green Technology & No Electricity Required.
  • 280 Lt Water Production per day.
  • 12 Liter Steel Water Tank.
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