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We hear that it’s important to drink lots of water in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What hasn’t been promoted as much, is the importance of having water with your coffee. Whether you’re a person that needs their morning cup of brew, someone who loves to study in coffee shops while indulging in the sweet drug, or a coffee connoisseur, this message is for you.

4 reasons to drink water with your coffee

  1. Dehydration: Drinking a cup of water before your morning coffee is crucial. Your body is extremely dehydrated when you wake up because you have just been fasting for the last eight hours (or however many hours you are able to squeeze in).  Coffee is a diuretic (something that dehydrates your body) and missing out on that morning glass of water before you indulge in the dark, rich goodness is just going to make you even more dehydrated.

 Stomach Irritation: Coffee is quite acidic and can irritate your stomach if it’s the first thing you have in the morning. We can’t force you to eat breakfast, but your stomach will thank you after a glass of water before your morning coffee.


It Tastes Better: If you’ve visited a variety of coffee shops and cafés, you will notice some coffees are already served with water. The simple reason is to cleanse your palette. Espresso tastes much better when you have no other flavours in your mouth.

Eliminates Caffeine Crash: Here’s something you might not know – drinking the water with your coffee helps eliminate the ‘caffeine crash’. Theobromine is a chemical in caffeine that starts working 25 minutes after you drink your coffee and is the cause of the tiredness and ‘crash’ you usually get. Drinking water after, or during, your coffee helps lower this effect so that you can keep on going with your day!

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