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Emotions and Emotions of Water

The symbol of water is a familiar one across all religions and spiritual traditions. Water unifies all life on planet earth for all depends on it for survival. The symbol of water as human emotions is also a common meaning given by those who interpret dreams.

Beyond the nature of water representing the nature of our emotions, our emotions can affect the nature of water.

Emotions Are Essential to Life

Consider some of the correlations between water and emotions. Create your own list, then scroll down to our evolving list at the end.

Dr Masaru Emoto and the Emotions of Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto dedicated the last years of his life to scientific research via specialized photography, on how emotion affect water molecules. Over a dozen books and many photos and videos later, Dr. Emoto depicted numerous circumstances where emotions impacted water molecules either positively, negatively or neutrally.

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” 
~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. Hungarian biochemist-discovered vitamin C, 1893-1986

Whether or not Dr. Emoto’s work is true, (he has his critics, as do all alternative practices and discoveries), the concept of the impact of emotions on water makes sense. Technology uses sound waves transmitted through air and water and both act as carriers, resulting in all kinds of technological tools that run civilization today. Cell towers transmit waves through air and sonar through water.

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Humans contain air and water. Chances are we all host the elements of transmission as well.

Most of us, whether empathic or not, can feel the negativity or positivity in an environment we enter. Water is a medium for transference of waves, and emotions have been measured in waves when hooked up to body and brain monitors.

Speaking symbolically, it stands to reason that emotions can affect the waters of our body in much the way the weather affects the planetary bodies of water. If the water in our bodies can serve to transmit feelings, we could conjecture that the molecules of water are also likely affected. Similarly, that our thoughts and feelings can pollute or purify our own inner environment.

Dr. Masaru Emoto and the Transformation of Water Molecules

We find it intriguing that Dr. Emoto’s name includes the root of the word for emotions, given his revelatory work of studying the effects of emotions on water.

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