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Facebook Announces That It Has Reached Its 100 Percent Renewable Goal

Facebook now announced that it is powered entirely by renewable energy sources and has reached net zero emissions. The company spent $ 8 billion on wind and solar projects.

Social media giant Facebook announced that its global operations are now supported by 100% renewable energy and have reached zero emissions.

Achieving the renewable energy targets set in 2018 in three years and becoming one of the world’s largest renewable energy buyers, Facebook meets the electricity needs of offices and data centers with 63 renewable projects.

The company has succeeded in achieving its goals by signing more than 6 GW of wind and solar power contracts in 18 states and five countries.

Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that they invested 8 billion dollars in 63 projects for wind and solar energy generation and provided employment for tens of thousands of people.

“We have increased our climate progress greatly and rapidly, now we are working with energy providers to supply enough renewable energy to run our offices and data centers,” Eoghan Griffin, EMEA Sustainability Manager at Facebook, told Euronews Living.

“Let’s say we’re going to build a data center. We know roughly how much energy it takes to run, so at a very early stage in this process, we will work in partnership with an energy supplier to give them an idea of ​​the market. That way, we can commit to this upfront and they can finance the infrastructure, whether it’s solar panels or wind turbines, ”he said.

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