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Glaciers melting in Europe through an eagle’s eyes

The scenery in the images recorded by the camera installed between the eagle’s wings is breathtaking. It is great to watch these natural beauties through the eyes of the eagle. But these images also reveal a dire future; glaciers melting with global warming.

The eagle named Victor flies over the Alps with the camera between his wings. The scenery is unique. Glaciers appear at the top of the mountains. However, it is noteworthy that the glaciers are beginning to crumble into small pieces.

Victor will fly 5 days this week over the Alps. Organizers hope these images captured by the eagle will mobilize people to fight climate change. The person who flies the eagle expects these images taken from the eyes of the eagle to convince people of the importance of protecting birds and nature.

On the other hand, while world leaders gathered in New York last week to discuss the steps to be taken to prevent global warming, dozens of mountaineers in Switzerland climbed a steep top of the Alpine mountains to commemorate a lost glacier.

Alessandro Degiacomi of the Swiss Climate Protection Association stated that the glacier Pizol, located in the Glarus Alps in the northeast of the country, has lost a significant part of its mass and can no longer be classified as a glacier scientifically.

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