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How to Keep a Water Treatment System Efficient?

Reverse osmosis is currently the best water treatment process available to general consumers. Reverse osmosis uses the scientific principle of osmosis and reverses it through a mechanical process. In this article, “How to keep the RO water treatment system efficient?” We will touch on the topic.

  1. Replace RO filters in a timely manner: Neglecting a product’s service and maintenance cycles will result in a loss of performance over time. Modern water purifiers have up to 8 stages of filtration and the filters have a certain life span. These filters need to be replaced in a timely manner to keep the RO operating at full efficiency. Here’s a basic guide to replacing the most common filters in your home and office water treatment system.
    1. A pre-filter used to remove large sand and sediment particles prevents damage to the RO membrane inside the main RO unit. It should be changed every six to nine months to ensure maximum performance.
    2. The carbon filter used to remove odor and chlorine content from the water supply should also be changed every six months. If the water source is relatively clean, the carbon filter can also last up to nine months.
    3. The RO membrane removes residues and other dissolved solids from the water filtered by pre-filter and carbon filter. The membrane has a relatively long life and needs to be replaced after two years.
  2. Cleaning and Maintenance: In addition to replacing RO filters, the unit should be cleaned periodically by professionals. Sterilization of interiors will keep water storage tanks and inlets and outlets free from insect infestation and other bacterial growth that can occur in hot and humid climates.
  3. Installing a Water Softener: If there is hard water problem in your area, it is recommended to install an RO water softener. Water softeners protect your RO membrane from hard water elements such as calcium and magnesium. Installing a water softener will require professional assistance and plumbing work.
  4. Keep the Environment Clean: It is not just the interior of the RO cleaner that needs to be cleaned periodically. To operate efficiently and reduce the risk of water pollution, you should also maintain hygiene around the main unit. Because most water purifiers are used in kitchens and pantries, there is a high possibility of grease accumulation in and around the faucet area. Regular cleaning of the tap will prevent bacterial and viral elements from entering your drinking and cooking water.
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