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John Kerry Urges Biggest Pollutants to Reduce Emissions Immediately

US climate change special envoy John Kerry has called on the world’s 20 largest pollutants, which make up 81% of emissions, to reduce their emissions immediately.

US climate change envoy John Kerry met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other top British figures to plan two international climate summits in London.

While praising Britain for its phasing out of coal and its “ambitious” climate goals, in an interview with the BBC Newsnight, he reminded the UK – along with other major countries – that it must meet the proposed emission cuts.

“China, USA, Russia, India, EU, Korea, Japan and others should be part of this effort. Twenty countries and 81% of the emissions, ”he said.

When asked during the interview about the controversial new coal mine in Cumbria, England, he said, “The industry has made a decision that coal has no future. People all over the world have decided to switch from coal, the dirtiest fuel in the world, to cleaner fuel. “Most banks in the US and elsewhere will tell you they will not finance a new coal plant,” he said.

Shortly after talks with Johnson and other senior ministers, Kerry called Britain a “strong partner” in the struggle to protect the planet.

Prime Minister Johnson said the two countries have an “exciting common agenda” on reducing global emissions, ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November.

Leaders grapple with bleak news from China, which has taken small steps towards decarbonisation in its last five-year plan. However, President Biden’s 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package, which was approved by the Senate and will support “green” economic growth, is interpreted as a promising development.

Brazil, on the other hand, says its previous stance, which blocked climate talks under pressure from the United States, is misunderstood.

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