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Psychological Benefits of Water

“We all have the same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean in our veins, and that’s why we have salt in our blood, sweat, and tears. We are connected to the ocean. And when we return to the sea, we are returning from where we came from. “

– John F. Kennedy

Does water have psychological benefits?

The ocean glowed even in the twilight that winter’s day on Coney Island. It was my first encounter with a beach in a few months and I missed the view deeply.

I enjoyed the way the tide went in and out in a calm rhythm and listened attentively to the light waves reaching the shoreline. Although it sounds like a cliché, in those moments, when I breathed the sea air and looked at the vastness of blue, the annoying “troubles” disappeared.

Water, especially oceans and seas, has psychological benefits.

Environmental psychologist Mathew White studied UK census data to measure how living near the shore affects us in a 2013 article. According to White, being closer to the sea “significantly increases the well-being of people.”


Other research publishes scientific evidence showing the ocean’s ability to improve mental health.

Minerals in the sea air reduce human stress; negatively charged ions in sea air fight free radicals, increase alertness and concentration; Salt in water maintains tryptamine, serotonin, and melatonin levels in the brain, which helps reduce depression or increase your overall sense of health; and research has shown that wave sounds change the brain’s wave patterns and create a state of relaxation.

Water temperature also plays an important role in emotional health. According to Dr. Connie Hernandez and Dr. Marcel Hernandez, “In spring and autumn cold water provides a relaxing treatment for your nerves, while warmer water in the summer relaxes your muscles.”

I can confirm this idea personally – that’s where I feel most centered and deliciously free when I am fully immersed in the ocean’s lair, swimming among gentle waves on a summer afternoon.

“Water makes me forget absolutely everything that worries me,” said my friend. It reminds me of how insignificant they are and how small I really am. It kind of hits the reboot button and clears my mind. “

Research concludes that the ocean offers opportunities to reduce stress, secure a sense of balance, relaxation, and regeneration.

Last March Sunday afternoon, just a few weeks of the official spring, I took a peek at the ocean at Long Beach, Long Island, and once again, I enjoyed the sun rays while enjoying the scenic seascape.

Next to the water I smile – next to the water, everything is right.

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