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Should We Drink Water After Eating Fruit?

We have all heard of the numerous benefits of adding fruit to our daily diet. From being a good source of vitamins and minerals to helping you lose weight, they are very beneficial for your overall health. However, it is incredibly important that you eat it properly to reap its benefits. It is recommended that you eat fruit first thing in the morning or take it an hour before or two hours after eating.

Do not drink water right after a meal as it can slow digestion and cause other digestive problems. Take a look at 5 reasons why you should not drink water after consuming fruit.

1.Causes stomach cramps and bloating

It contains plenty of fructose (sugar) and yeast, and consuming water immediately after taking fruit causes stomach acids to dilute. This creates an environment in which yeast can thrive and result in the production of carbon dioxide and alcohol, which causes gas to build up in the stomach.

fruit cramp

2.Disrupts the pH level

Consuming water after eating fruits with high water content, especially watermelon, melon, cucumber, orange and strawberry, disrupts the Ph level (acidity or alkalinity levels) of the digestive system. This is because fruits with high water content can make your stomach less acidic and disrupt pH levels.

3. It slows digestion

Avoid drinking water after eating fruit because it is inhibited and causes acidity in the stomach. This is why some people experience uneasiness after consuming fruit. It is recommended to drink water at least one hour after eating fruit.

4.It dilutes gastric juice

Experts recommend drinking water an hour after eating fruit. This is because drinking water right after meals dilutes the gastric juice and digestive enzymes necessary for digestion. Dilution of gastric juice causes less secretion of digestive enzymes, which can cause heartburn and acidity.

5. It raises the body’s blood sugar levels

As we mentioned earlier, drinking water after consuming fruit slows down the digestive process, which leaves a lot of undigested food in the system. This turns into fat and causes an increase in insulin, which can raise the body’s blood sugar levels and then lead to diabetes and obesity.

In conclusion, we would like to say that while drinking plenty of clean and pure water is vital for the optimal functioning and health of organs, be careful not to consume water immediately after eating fruit or immediately after meals.

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