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Turkey, Academy and Climate Change

Within the scope of this study, a search was made for the postgraduate theses archived in YÖK National Thesis Center. The search was continued with the focus of the identified keywords and a comparative study was conducted by analyzing. Graduate theses that include the “Climate Change” keyword in the title, abstract, keyword and subject categories were determined first.

As a result of the determinations, it was determined that there were 1395 theses in the archive and 1109 theses were at the master level and 286 theses were at the doctoral level. When 286 doctoral dissertations were analyzed according to the fields, it was seen that there was a density in some areas. Density areas are as follows according to numerical abundance (top 10): Environmental engineering, economy, civil engineering, geography, agriculture, public administration, biology, business administration, landscape architecture and forest engineering.

Another keyword determined for searches is “Climate Crisis”. It has been seen that there are a total of 15 theses at master’s and doctoral levels in the archive. 14 of these 15 theses are at master’s level and 1 is at doctoral level. The fields in which 14 master theses were prepared are as follows; international relations, law, civil engineering, energy, computer engineering, environmental engineering, interior architecture and decoration, communication sciences, translation and interpreting, landscape architecture, electrical and electronic engineering and history. His doctoral dissertation was prepared in the field of political science.

Regardless of their qualifications, this increasing trend in the number of academic studies reveals that the academic world is increasingly interested in climate change.

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