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What is Water Purifier Purification Capacity?


When we talk about water purifier features, we discuss topics such as the filtration technique used, materials and size, storage tank capacity and average life of the filters. However, a feature that is often overlooked or overlooked by the general buyer is the purification capacity. In this article, we will summarize the features of RO water purifier and explain the purification capacity of an RO device.

Modern homes use RO water purifiers these days. RO water purifiers can have 8-stage water filtration providing complete protection from water borne contaminants. As a general comparison of RO technology shows here, RO purifiers can remove 99 percent of dissolved solids, chemical compounds, germs and hard water elements variable. Along with Ultra Violet treatment, these cleaners become more effective against bacteria and viruses.

RO treatment units usually have a storage tank, as the reverse osmosis process that makes these water purifiers so effective requires electricity. The capacity of this tank can range from 5 to 10 liters. Most people can now easily confuse the refining capacity with the storage capacity, but that is not the case.


Treatment Capacity of RO Water Purifier System

Basically, the RO purifier requires time to pass the raw water through various filters and collect it in the storage tank. This time and the treated water in it are the parameters used to calculate the purification capacity of a water purifier.

In simple terms, purification capacity refers to the amount of water an RO filter can purify in one hour. It is calculated in liters per hour. The purification capacity of a kitchen water purifier will be between 12 and 15 liters / hour. The treatment capacity is used to calculate the Maximum Duty Cycle of the RO treatment device, which is the daily amount of water that can be treated. So if you have an RO water purifier with a 7 liter storage tank and 12 liter / hour treatment capacity, the Maximum Duty Cycle will be about 75 liters / day.

So, in essence, the purification capacity of an RO purifier will start to decrease as the RO membrane and other filters age. For this reason, brands always recommend servicing and replacing water purification devices in a timely manner.

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