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Why You Should Drink Water In The Morning

Whether taken in the morning, afternoon, evening, or even midnight, water is good for the human body system. But studies have revealed that water has even more health benefits when taken early in the morning. For instance, Hydrant noted that water taken in the early morning is to the body as fuel is to vehicle. It sets you for the day’s activities with a sharper mind and a nimble body. Little wonder top executives observe an early-morning-cup-of-water ritual  to enjoy the daily head start they need to be optimum.

Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning 

About 60% of the adult human body is water. From the brain and heart, the lungs, and the skin to the muscles,  kidneys, and even the bones, a great fraction of them are composed of water. Yet, when we are asked that what do we need to survive, we oftentimes forget to mention water.

However, apart from the many health reasons for taking water, there are many health benefits contained in a cup or two of water taken in the morning. After several hours of sleep, and possibly, a number of urination, it is very ideal to re-hydrate and replace the lost liquid. Here are five benefits;

    • Hydrating the dehydrated body: Our body becomes dehydrated overnight. In that state of dehydration, we may feel dizzy or lightheaded, fatigued, and reluctant. These are not good conditions to experience in the morning. They can affect productivity and enervate mental strength. Hence, drinking water in the morning can help regain lost fluid and provide the body with the needed water level to function efficiently.
    • Detoxification: Another benefit of early-morning water intake is its ability to rid the body of toxins. That one cup of water will sweep through your body for accumulated or stored toxins and produce movement in your bowel. It also ensures that the detoxification comes with ease and you’re left with a healthy,  sanitized body. 
    • Ensuring a functional brain: Like earlier said, drinking water in the morning is fueling the brain to start the day’s job. It will increase your energy level and hydrate your brain. This will ensure that you have enough energy for the day and that you do not experience anxiety, mood and concentration issues, headache, etc. This will also increase your overall alertness and energize you all through the day. 
    • Skin renewal: Wrinkles and rough skins could be as a result of dehydration. When the body cannot get enough water to function as it should, it can resort to squeezing water from the skin. This will leave the skin dry and, over time, wrinkled. This can be prevented by a cup of water in the morning. This doesn’t mean that all you need is just a cup of water in the morning, in fact, experts suggest that an adult should take about 15.5 cups of water daily. However, taking one or two cups in the morning sets a routine for a moisturized, glowing skin.
    • Immune system fortification: Drinking water in the morning can also help strengthen your immune system to fight off diseases. Apart from carrying oxygen into your blood cells and ensuring that you function properly, it also helps in the production of lymph which the immune system needs.

Wait! Now that you’ve known the benefits of drinking water in the morning, you must be thinking of adding it to your morning ritual. But you stand a chance to earn even more benefits if only you will take one more deliberate step; if instead of just water, you take hydrogen water. It is a case of killing two birds with just a stone. Hydrogen water is water infused with dissolved hydrogen gas (H2) similar to carbonated water in which the dissolved gas is carbon dioxide. Hydrogen water has superseding benefits over plain water. Coupled with its super-hydrating power, it blesses your skin, decreases inflammation, and boost your energy. A leading provider of all-natural hydrogen water is Susosu Water.

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